Writer’s Lament

You’re typing your thoughts on a document

with the things you want to say already in mind.

You read through what you have done,

you’re happy with it and save it.


Just as you’re ready to email it to the one you intended to send the document to,

it seems to not exist at all.

You’ve extinguished so much of your energy into finishing that file,

and just like that it’s already gone.


It’s heartbreaking.

Suddenly, you feel like a wilted vegetable,


like your world is on a standstill.


Your fingers are trembling as you mindlessly type in keywords,

trying to search for that one document.

You freeze into a halt,

and give up just like that.


With no choice at all,

you result to doing it over.

You seemed selfish

at that first try anyway,


So you open a new slate,

start once again from the beginning.

This time,

as you finish the current file,


You tell yourself,

good thing I got rid of that.


you save it.


Glad that’s over

and done with!