So Far, So Good

June 18, 2013, Tuesday

It’s my fourth week in college and it’s turning out pretty good. I have new friends, new professors and met really interesting and notable people here around the university. It’s definitely different from high school and I have to say that my load is not jam-packed–I only have 20 units.

Orgs, orgs, orgs. If only I could join all the organizations in DLSU, I would. But that is just simply impossible! It’s just my first year though and I’ve got plenty of room for those later on. I guess it would be good to join one or two but if I go more than that limit, I would be killing myself.

I feel more flexible here than I was in high school. I can see that my confidence and outgoing nature has found its nitch here. Still, there’s still some room for me to grow. I’m not content with what I am able to learn now. Every day is a continuous learning process, and that I believe, would be my motivation every single waking day.

I just recently got chosen to be one of our batch representative–I have to double check though if this is official—and it’s a great way to start this year. Also, I applied for Green Media Group under the Creatives Pool and about to sign up to be a part of The LaSallian. I’m very proud to say that my former school has been able to equip me with the experience and skills that I need to continue on what I am capable of. And maybe someday, this will be my career path, my key to success.

In summary, yeah, so far, so good. There’s definitely more to discover, experience and learn. I’ll just have to be patient. Keep you posted!