Loyal Bestfriend

January 3, 2013, Wednesday

9:02 PM

Hey! I finally got my thinking cap on and decided to share a little something about one of the most important friend I’ve had (and since her birthday is in a few days..) hope you guys like this.

It began some time in 2008, when my mom introduced me to her. I remember clearly that we met in a mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa. Probably, I was around 11 or 12 at that time the first time I saw her. The color of her eyes played with blue and brown as the lights hit and reflected on it. I knew at that moment she was going to be a keeper.

After we grabbed lunch and was done looking around the mall, we took her home. We prepared her bed and made her feel at ease—just like family.

She got pretty big after some time and I would get really furious whenever she would try to break anything at home. But I always relied on her whenever I’m in a mad mood, when there’s a raincloud over my head. She’s was my confidante, someone I can really trust. She’s not like the other girls who would kiss and tell. She just listens.

Sometimes, I end up staying awake late at night, even until 2 0r 3 AM, but she patiently sits on the couch with the TV on slowly falling asleep, waiting for me to finish. She does not demand nor complain. Whenever there are tears falling down my eyes, she wipes them away. She also never fails to make me laugh with her funny little gestures.

She is my defender and my shield. She can easily sense when someone or something may put me in trouble. She always reassures me that everything is going to be okay.

We would do photo shoot sessions even just inside my room. She gives me inspiration whenever I am writing or composing songs. She’s a great company.

It has been 4 years of friendship and still she is still there with me through all those up and downs. I am glad to have my best friend Coco, who’s more than just a dog but a great companion. Truly as they say, “the dog is man’s bestfriend!”

Lunchtime Surprise

December 22, 2012, 12:30 pm

Just as I thought the world would be doomed yesterday, I get a surprising news today.

While I was happily eating my lunch with my family, I hear the engine sound coming from a  motorcycle. Ding-dong our door bell rang. Dad went outside to check and later got a package from the mailman.

He came inside calling my name. He told me that the package was for me. Nobody really sends me packages that’s why I began to be anxious.

He handed me the package and I quickly opened it–my heart was racing, to tell you honestly.

Inside were two envelopes from the University of Asia & the Pacific, a prestigious school here in the Philippines. Opening the first one, I was scared of what it might say. As I read it, unfortunately, my application for merit scholarship was rejected. I felt down but knowing there was another envelope, I regained my hope.

So, I got the other one and carefully opened it. It read:


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the UA&P Bachelor of Arts in Media and Entertainment Management as freshman for the first semester, school year 2013-2014…..

and so on…

At that, I knew that though I passed, I wasn’t gonna be studying here since my parents’ condition was that I had to pass the scholarship in order to for them to send me here.

No worries, I am still waiting for the results from the three other universities I’ve applied in.

All’s well that ends well. That school must’ve been meant for someone else, but not me. Just have too keep praying and wait for God’s plan for me.

I just have to be patient!



Dear readers,

Thank God I had the time to write once again. So many things to be done with so little time.

You may think this is just one of my ‘rant’ entries, it’s not. I am actually really sorry about not being able to post ‘something’ the past couple of days. You’d probably be think I’m getting tired of updating but there are just too many things that are going on in my life. Let’s face it, I’m going to be graduating in less than three months and that alone is a lot to take in.

Well, I  knew I just had to publish something today since, well, I JUST knew that I SHOULD DO IT. It’s already Christmas and I feel like I have to give a pretty long entry to make it up to you guys.

Must it be that I just finished watching Julie and Julia that I hear someone speaking in my head as I type down these words?” Yeah, probably just my narrator.

Kidding aside, after watching this movie, I was motivated to keep on writing. Even though you know you don’t have anything at all to write, you just keep writing.

It’s getting pretty late and I know I must be in my bedroom sleeping by now, but now I feel even more happier that I get some things off my chest and that would really help me have a good night sleep. So, au revior for now, sayonara and good night!


PS – I promise to post more often. It’s Christmas break anyways. 😀

Layout Mania

October 25, 2012, 11:07pm

So tired from all the work. All we do is to edit, proofread and write articles. But that’s what editors do, right?

Signing up for this job was no joke. I knew what might be in store for me although when I got the job, I really saw what madness I got into.

No sleep for 3 days just organizing articles, matching them with the approriate photos and captions. Later on, everything would be laid out and formatted. And that’s not even half the work.

Everyone thinks presswork is so easy. Well, guess what, it’s not. Writing is a passion, I agree but sometimes it takes more than just that. You have to be competent, motivated, and committed to the work you do in order to achieve a successful media, in my case a school newspaper.

I get pressured, frustrated and stressed. We all get that. But during presswork, it’s different.

Like any other art, it takes one to think out of the box, but be coming focused on current affairs and social issues.

That aside, once you’re halfway done, it becomes more fulfilling. All the hardwork will definitely be swept away and would not matter anymore.


It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day

Good morning once again, 12:23 AM on my watch. Today’s October 9, 2012.

After a few posts complaining about how stressful I’ve been, I decided to lighten things up by writing something more..optimistic just to bring the sunshine in.

As always, there’s a ton of things I have to do but sometime no matter how the rough and tough gets going, you have to look at the other side of the spectrum. It just seems so difficult to find yourself in a crowd where you can barely see a needle in a haystack. Now, now, you’re maybe trying to figure out what is it with me and Figures of Speech, well, I don’t know either. They just sound ‘pretty’ to my ears.

I need to focus even more, and learn to become more devoted and driven. What could be my purpose or my driving force to keep moving on? I’ve just wanted to answer that question but that seems to take a little more that my lifetime to figure out.

A lot of people tell me to express how I feel in the most creative way possible that I don’t get to hurt anyone, including myself. But if there was one thing I could do, it would be to scream at the top of my lungs just like how Troy Bolton from High School Musical 3: Senior Year started jumping up and down climbing the railing of the staircase, and began ripping the gigantic tarpaulins in their school canteen. Or maybe it’s the same feeling that I have—CONFUSION. But the moment he got on the stage, he felt more free and liberated, like he could do what ever he felt like doing. Sometimes, I just wish I could do exactly what he did in the movie, if only I could.

I’m awaiting for the dawn of another beautiful sunrise and hope it brings me great delight as I wake up tomorrow morning.


Come Back to Bed

Now 1: 51 AM.

I think my body clock has something going on. I don’t know the difference between night and day anymore. This has been my dilemma ever since I got into junior year. What’s with the evening that it makes me think better. Well, I just finished writing a three-page, back to back reaction paper, nothing much really. I’m rubbing my eyes already because I’m super duper tired.

Well, jazz music’s keeping me up late at night..erm..morning..I mean. *Pun intended* It’s back to normal once again and I have tons of work to do tomorrow morning. If I could have one free day to do all the errands I have to I would’ve been the happiest girl on earth right now.

I must be going. I feel like my body’s gonna hate me so much for sleeping late once again.


P.S. – I apologize for the short entry I’ve written. I’m just so darn tired, I can’t even feel if my fingers are even typing the correct letters. See you then.  (And good night!)