Walking Under the Sun

It’s that time once again.
We stand quiet. This is the time we realize our faults, and we begin to reflect on the things we have done in the past. It is time to put things straight, to forgive and forget.

The sun shone brightly this morning. I woke up not realizing what was gonna be ahead of me. I woke up thinking that today was gonna be just one of those days during the Holy Week where we just follow the same-old tradition. TODAY HAD SOMETHING IN STORE FOR ME, SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

As I lifted my head and opened my droopy eyes, I felt so heavy inside. I stood up, unplugged my battery charger and went out of my bedroom. Procrastinating was all I could think of doing. I didn’t feel like waking up so early in the morning, though a certain gush of excitement flowed through my veins. I somehow felt happy.

After a while, I finally decided to take a cool bath and get dressed up, since there’s a fear we might be late. I prepared everything-FAST. My camera was ready, the SD cards, battery, my phone was charged, even my hat. Dad came calling me, telling me we were about to leave. Mom, on the other hand, had our food ready in case we got tired and hungry. So we brough everything and hurried our way to the church.

Dad and I got ready for what was gonna happen minutes from now. We stood there waiting for the signal that the show was about to start. People, from different status, gender, age were there to witness the “journey.”

At exactly 10:00 A. M., 13 men, clothe in white robes, entered the church gazebo where a long dinner table was placed. They got in place and seated where they were. This was Jesus together with his disciples. This I know for certain, the show (or senakulo we would call it) has already begun.

I put my camera out and began looking for angles I could best document this scene and fired away. Adding some variation to my shots, I would flip my camera horizontally and later on vertically. This became very important to me because a lot of people will be viewing what I am capturing right now.

To my surprise, I thought everything would happen at one venue, that very place we we standing in. But I was wrong. We moved to another location, the staircase of the Youth center beside the church. Dad and I ran fast as we could to get a nice spot. I had the most difficulty because people were rushing in and crowding the area. I didn’t let this get me. I found myself very near to the actors which I thought gave me a great advantage. But I forgot everyone else watching, that I was blocking their view. So I moved a few steps back and kneeled. It did not take long and the scene was done. We were to move to another venue.

Learning from what had happened, my dad and I had a gameplan, to go ahead of everyone. And so we did. We got to the succeeding venue first. We did this for the rest of the other venues and sets that we even got lost. We we got to each venue, we would take position and kneel down if not squat.

The senakulo moved from the church and inside SRV I. It was my first time to join something like this that made you feel your giving a sacrifice as well. Now, we’re in the scene where Jesus gets beaten up inhumanely. I feel my heart melting, knowing it was only acting. The mere thought of it happening. I felt pity and sorry for this man. That’s what happened to Him. I began to formulate questions and queries. I know what’s gonna go next but I was still in disbelief.

We all walked under the intense heat of the sun. Most felt hot and sweaty. Admitedly, I felt tired and thought that the heat was piercing through my aching head. I looked at his direction and the other actors surrounding him. They were wearing thicker layers of clothing and had make-up on,so why should I complain? I kept quiet and knew this was something else.

The moment we started walking all I could think of was a bottle of ice-cold water. But I gained a different perspective and purpose. I didn’t just go there to shoot some photos with my dad, no. I was there to walk with Him in this journey many of us are anxious to take. As I watched the last few scenes, I was amazed how it made me teary-eyed. I FELT WEAK FOR A MOMENT.

Two hours have gone and passed. It didn’t notice it only until I looked at the time on my phone. My stomach was grumbling a few minutes before but when I saw the boy playing Christ being crucified, it had just gone away and seemed like nothing. The tears that the ladies shed and the breaking they felt in their hearts was all I could see and hear. This was it.

He has gone through all of those just because the chief priests had no belief and faith in Him. It made me think and reflect for a while. I just knew that this gave a very valuable message to people who have gone and watched the senakulo especially to me.

You may be asking what made me write this entry. The reason for this I believe is that God has His was of telling us things, to basically communicate. This. I feel, was His way of telling me something. Imay not fully know what but I know this is one of those. I truly have to say that as we walked under the sun, feeling headaches, thirst and weak, He will always be there guiding us to the coconut tree we wish to sit under–to give us shade, water and a place to rest. This is what I realized today.

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