Meeting the Strangers

It was a rainy day and I stayed home sick. I turned on the TV but my tired eyes refrained me from looking at the screen. All I can hear was, “We don’t have enough time, we need to go tonight…” being sung by a guy with a coarse, deep-pitched voice, thinking that I was listening to one of those international alternative bands again. I was enticed; their sound was something very new to me.

When I got better a few days after, I searched for the band’s profile. Later on, I find out that they’re actually local artists discovered by former Rivermaya front man, Rico Blanco and recently signed under Warner Music Philippines. The curiosity about this new discovery of mine made me have a positive outlook on OPM.

The band’s name is Never the Strangers but was formerly known as Leonecast when front man Ace Libre first formed the band in 2006. It was not until a year and a half later that they were able to complete the band. They’re currently composed of Ace Libre on vocals/keyboard, JP del Mundo on guitar, Francis Victa on bass and PJ La Vina on drums respectively. Their musical influences include the Muse, the Killers and Coldplay. They experimented on their music shifting from funk, jazz and punk but finally stood up with alternative synth rock instead.

It was late January when I found out they were performing live on SSCW–I was stoked. Days passed, and I would go to SoundCloud and find myself listening to their songs as I studied. I drowned myself with their music, I fell in love with them.

When I found their Twitter page, I followed it right away and tweeted how great they were. To my surprise, the next day, they replied to that very same tweet of mine. I felt ecstatic. Days became weeks and I felt a leap of joy because they were reading and replying to my tweets. It’s no biggie actually, but this only says that they’re thankful to their ever growing number of fans and supporters.

Sunday, February 12,2012

Off their self-titled album

Starting to fire up charts. 'Moving Closer' the top.

Not prepared at all, I come in the Grade School AVR and met with the band. They welcomed us with their warm smiles and their down-to-earth sense of humor. The awkwardness broke and it seemed like we knew each other long before. It wasn’t that long that I was only watching them on TV and now was actually conversing with them.

They rocked that afternoon, hearing screaming girls as they performed some songs off their soon-to-be-released album. They’re off to a good start as their singles “Alive” and “Moving Closer” have been topping radio charts. Admittedly, they continue to develop as new members of the OPM scene as they’re only starting and have a long way to go.

Recently, they opened for American alternative rock band, Death Cab for Cutie and performed in big events such as the Close-Up Pyropalooza and Coke 100 Years Concert ng Bayan.


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